Vakeel Online is a Legal Social Network & Marketplace platform available on Web and Mobile. It is providing Pakistani people access to expert and professional lawyers. Using Vakeel Online, you can post your legal queries anonymously, connect with lawyers through private chats, build your network, join as a lawyer or regular user, and much more.

Team Lead
Product UI/UX Design
Product Strategy

2020 – 2022

User Interviews
Figma, XD
Wireframing, Journey Mapping
MERN Stack
React Native
Next.js, Vercel, Netlify

🤕 The Problem

  • Limited Legal Awareness: Despite a population of 231 million, a significant number of Pakistanis lack adequate access to legal information and services.
  • Reference-Based Hiring: The prevailing system predominantly relies on references for hiring lawyers, making it challenging for emerging lawyers to establish themselves and find clients.
  • Lack of Centralized Platforms: There is an absence of a unified platform where individuals can seek genuine legal advice, and where lawyers can showcase their expertise and connect with potential clients.

🤔 The Solution

  • Centralized Platform: Streamlines the connection between the public and legal professionals, ensuring easier access to reliable legal services.
  • Transparent Evaluations: Offers user reviews and lawyer qualifications, allowing individuals to make informed decisions.
  • Empowerment for Lawyers: Provides a space for emerging and seasoned lawyers to build their presence, share insights, and serve the community.

🤓 The Role I played

As a co-founding Product Design lead of Vakeel Online and a law graduate, my influence was pervasive across every facet of the platform. My leadership spanned from design, strategy to development. A significant part of my contribution was designing the end-to-end user experience, from conceptualizing wireframes to designing interactive prototypes and finalizing user interfaces. Beyond the technical, I actively immersed myself in the field, conducting user interviews, arranging and presenting our platform at conferences, and fostering relationships with stakeholders.

Guiding a dynamic team of designers and developers, I ensured our collective efforts culminated in a platform that addressed the needs of lawyers and the public alike. Through our endeavours, we’ve paved the way for a more transparent and trustworthy legal landscape in Pakistan and experienced exponential growth and outreach.

📝 The Process

I use the Double Diamond design process in my work, but with a twist. Before diving in, I start with a “Vision Definition Phase.” This step helps me clearly understand the idea first. Then, I follow the usual stages of the Double Diamond. By adding this phase, I make sure every design aligns with the main idea from the start. It streamlines the whole process, making it more efficient and focused.

01. Discover

Interviews, Research & Competitor Analysis

02. Define

Problem Statement, User Stories, Feature Mapping


LOFI Wireframe, User Testing & Present to stakeholders

04. Implement

Hi-Fi Design & Development

Color & material

We carefully selected a color scheme of black, school bus yellow, and tory blue. Black, being a color associated with authority and seriousness, set the tone for the professional legal setting. The tory blue was incorporated to add trust and reliability, while the school bus yellow, a color often associated with caution and alertness, was chosen to evoke a sense of attentiveness and focus. Together, these colors fostered an environment of credibility.



School Bus Yellow


Tory Blue


Accessible UX