Create, Train & Evaluate!

Gathersense is a dynamic e-learning platform enabling organizations to construct intuitive training programs with ease. Its robust features allow monitoring of candidate progress, making it an ideal choice for a range of users from students to legal professionals. For candidates, it’s a self-improvement hub, providing an opportunity to revisit study materials, engage with quizzes, and receive performance evaluations to enhance their skills further.

Lead Product Designer
Technical Consultant

2022 – 2023

User Interviews
Figma, Sketch
Wireframing, Journey Mapping
MERN Stack

01. Discover

Interviews, Research & Competitor Analysis

02. Define

Problem Statement, User Stories, Feature Mapping


LOFI Wireframe, User Testing & Present to stakeholders

04. Implement

Hi-Fi Design & Development

Color & material

Our color palette for Gathersense featured a mix of Firefly, Radical Red, and Ronchi, imbuing energy and excitement into the e-learning platform. These vibrant colors were carefully chosen to make the platform visually appealing, and at the same time, to stimulate the minds of its users, enhancing the overall learning experience.



Radical Red