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Mastering Design Research Data Insights LLM Models

12+ Years of Experience – Always growing, always learning, with a focus on Design Thinking, Data Analysis, and Problem-Solving.

From a childhood passion for technology, I carved a path in design. My journey began in 2004 with certifications and self-learning in Web & Graphic Design and Animation. I have evolved my skills from the era of Flash MX and Photoshop 7 to Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma, shaping me into an experienced UI/UX Product Designer.

Presently, as a Senior Product Designer at User Evaluation, I contribute to the designing of an AI-Driven UX Research tool. My role is underscored by thoughtful design, focusing on creating enriching user experiences with advanced language models such as GPT-4.

Shapeshifter: Mapping My Path

Over a span of almost two decades, I’ve navigated the waters of multiple industries. Each domain offered unique challenges and invaluable insights. By consistently advocating for user-centric design and leveraging my technical abilities, I’ve contributed to products that transformed into simple, engaging solutions.

AI Designer

User Evaluation

AI-powered customer research tool set to transform UX Research and Evaluation. My role entails tackling complex problems and designing LLM Interfaces. This involves creating design patterns, prototyping for the GPT-4 model and working with data-scientists and prompt engineers on workflows to deliver the best user experience.

Cross-Sector SaaS Designer

Gathersense | Digital Hire | MoveIt

My experience covers three groundbreaking platforms – Gathersense, an e-learning solution, DigitalHire, a video interviewing platform, and MoveIt, a popular trucking and delivery service. I led User Experience and Interface design strategies, and through user-centric approaches and data-driven decisions, significantly optimized platform usability and drove business growth.

Legal Tech Impact

Vakeel Online | LAWGIC

My journey in Legal Tech began with co-founding LAWGIC, a tech startup blending law and technology, leading to recognized social impact projects that required digital solutions at an advanced level. I also lead the end-to-end creation of Vakeel Online, a unique social network marketplace for lawyers, where I designed process automation workflows, interfaces, personas, journey maps, and prototypes.

Design Consultant

Multi-industry Experience

Setting off in 2004 as a young boy, my freelance journey has spanned across 150+ diverse projects. These early and varied experiences laid the foundation of my design skills, broadened my understanding of market needs, and imbued me with the adaptability vital in the dynamic design landscape.


My background is a rare blend, comprising an undergraduate Law degree from the University of London, and a passion for technology. This has not only increased my ability to articulate concepts and define boundaries but has also enabled me to communicate effectively and with confidence.

Embracing the dynamic nature of technology and design, my technical learning extends beyond traditional formal education. My skills have been shaped by certifications, practical experiences, mentorships, and a dedication to self-learning. Leveraging resources such as Udemy, Coursera, and YouTube, I have consistently broadened my expertise, making learning an ongoing journey rather than a destination.


UI/UX Design


User Research


Info Architecture

Figma, Sketch, XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Next.js, React.Js, Python, Open-AI, GPT-4, Dall-E, HTML5, CSS3, Tailwind, AWS, Azure.

Translating Startup Insights into Superior Product Design & Function.

Combining my experience and mixture of design, development & leadership skills, It’s easy for me to manage, coordinate and work with different teams. This collaboration results in a practical, streamlined planning and development process.

Task Management

Harnessing advanced project management tools, I ensure efficiency and transparency in my workflow. With Trello for task tracking, Slack for communication, Miro for planning and brainstorming, GitHub for code management, Notion for workspace organization, Zapier for automation, and Jira for issue tracking.

Public Speaking & Events

The intersection of my legal education and tech experience gave me the unique privilege to organize and present at various Tech conferences. This multidisciplinary background has given me confidence in stakeholder engagement, leadership, product launch and public speaking, all whilst maintaining a humble approach.

Accessible UX